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Sean Sullivan

Sean Sullivan
Associate Professor of Law

Sean Sullivan is an interdisciplinary legal scholar, studying topics at the intersection of law, economics, and statistics. He writes primarily on topics in evidence law, antitrust law, and law-and-economics. Professor Sullivan's recent publications have appeared in the Journal of Corporation Law; Law, Probability & Risk; and the Journal of Law and Economics. He is also coauthor of the chapter on law and experimental economics in the Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics.

Prior to law school, Professor Sullivan pursued graduate studies in economics and statistics. Following law school, he practiced for nearly four years as an antitrust attorney with the Federal Trade Commission, working mainly on the antitrust review of mergers in technology and commodity-chemical industries.

Professor Sullivan is a member of the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center faculty. He also maintains an active role at the University of Virginia VeconLab Experimental Economics Laboratory, and is editor of a working annotation of the United States Horizontal Merger Guidelines. For the 2017-18 academic year, Professor Sullivan will be teaching Evidence and Antitrust Law.


BS, Economics, George Mason University, 2005

MS, Statistics, George Mason University, 2007

PhD, Economics, University of Virginia, 2011

JD, University of Virginia, 2013

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