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Courses and Curriculum


After completing the set of required first-year courses, students at Iowa plan their own courses of study from a rich menu of mainstream, specialized, and clinical offerings. Upper-class students at the college register for classes using my UI. Course schedule information is provided at the college and course descriptions can be reviewed through the PDF iconGuide to Courses or through my UI.


Upper-class students will register for courses during open enrollment periods through my UI, which will tell you when you are eligible to register.

Preregistration Preferences

Some courses require preregistration. The purpose of requesting preregistration preferences is to permit as many people as possible to take the courses they want up to the maximum enrollment figure. Limited enrollment preference sheets are included with the registration packets that are provided during open enrollment periods. Seminar enrollment sheets are a separate part of this process. Students are notified prior to the my UI enrollment period about the limited enrollment classes in which they will be allowed to enroll.

Register using my UI

Contact the Registrar

Deb Paul, the College’s Registrar, is the administrative staff member who is in charge of student record keeping. In this capacity, the Registrar should be your initial contact when seeking information about course enrollment, scheduling, grade reports, grades, joint degree program status, progress toward graduation, letters of good standing, state bar questions and certification, academic policies, and other general questions. She serves on the Curriculum Committee, Student Honors and Awards Committee, and the Student Services Committee.

Deb has been at the College of Law since 1984 when she became the Law School Registrar after working for a number of years at the University of Iowa Registrar’s office.

Areas of Expertise: Student grades and records, Course schedules, Bar admissions, Joint degrees and degree progress.

282 Boyd Law Building