Bar Exam Timeline

Preparing for the Bar 

(A Timeline Created by a Student)

First Year

  • Learn the fundamentals of your first-year courses; the bar will later revisit this information.  
  • Consider where you would like to practice after graduating law school and consider summer placements that will introduce you to that legal market.
    • Considering where you want to practice prepares you to register for the exam and potentially secure a discounted application price if you register within 100 days of the end of your final semester.
  • When registering for 2L classes, consider enrolling in bar-tested courses such as Secure Transactions, Evidence, and Wills & Trusts.

Second Year

  • Take Professional Responsibility and register to take the MPRE. 
  • Understand and compile necessary documents for the Character & Fitness portion of the bar. Meet with Dean Crain if you have any concerns about fulfilling the requirements of your jurisdiction’s Character & Fitness examination.
  • Speak to Bar Prep representatives to compare prices and packages.

Third Year

  • Attend bar workshops conducted by Career Services and the Dean of Students. 
  • Visit NCBE or your state bar’s website to identify deadlines for registering and applying for the bar examination in your state. 
  • Enroll in a Bar Prep course. 


The timeline can be found here with specific suggestions regarding the California bar exam as an example.