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Iowa Law Launches Semester in DC Program

Iowa Law is pleased to offer a Semester in DC program beginning fall 2019.

The Semester in DC program was conceived out of a recognition of Iowa's key location for presidential politics. Since the road to the White House begins in Iowa, many of these superstars, from both parties, are keenly interested in having staffers with Iowa connections. This program is designed to satisfy some of that demand while giving students firsthand access to the center of political, federal legal and regulatory power.

This program will give interested students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of federal law by working in a government agency, or with a judge or non-profit public interest organization. The program includes a 2-credit seminar focused on the work of DC-area attorneys and leaders as well as opportunities to network with DC-area alumni and to be paired with alumni mentors.

To learn more about this program, visit the Semester in DC Field Placement page.