Monday, September 12, 2022

Iowa Law is proud to be named a Top 25 Most Innovative Law School by PreLaw Magazine (Winter 2022). The magazine acknowledged Iowa’s well-known reputation of being the “Writing Law School” and explained how the first-year writing courses are structured to deepen students’ understanding of law and develop the tools needed to be an effective legal communicator. Through intensive, individualized attention, including 3–6 one-on-one conferences each semester, they’re also taught how to apply the law to real-world legal problems.

In recent years, Iowa Law expanded its legal analysis, writing, and research (LAWR) faculty to include six full-time professors. They are skilled legal writers bringing years of real-world experience into the classroom including in-house corporate law, contract law, appellate advocacy, tax law and litigation.

Integrated into Iowa Law’s writing curriculum, the Writing and Academic Success Center provides individual tutoring sessions by trained tutors to support students in becoming stronger legal writers. It has also expanded to offer new services, including weekly writing and academic success workshops. And, beyond the first year, the center provides second- and third-year law students with individualized feedback on their scholarly and professional writing to help students achieve their short and long-term writing goals.

Excellent writing is critical in the legal field and Iowa offers hands-on learning opportunities for students to foster and challenge their confidence and technical skills in writing—from hosting writing and oral competitions to offering advanced research instruction. Many students also take part in law journals, moot court, trial advocacy, and clinical programs to put their writing into practice.

The writing program at Iowa Law has helped countless students launch into successful careers where they are often known for their quality writing. Shortly after his Iowa Law Review student note was quoted in the New York Times, alumnus Ryan Shellady (19JD) shared, “I wanted to highlight that I’ve had so, so many positive comments from co-workers and judges on the quality of my writing since graduation; I feel extremely fortunate to have had LAWR with Professor Sheerin and Professor Schweer. What I learned at Iowa Law continues to serve me well in my professional career—that is something for which I am very, very thankful."