Iowa Law is among the top 10 for full-time job placement.
Thursday, May 18, 2023

The University of Iowa College of Law has once again proven its excellence in the competitive job market, standing out as a top 10 law school for full-time job placement (Reuters).

In 2022, more than 98% (158 students) of the graduating class secured full-time jobs within ten months of graduation. This achievement builds upon the college's outstanding job placement rates from previous years. In 2021, 99% (136 students) of the graduating class secured jobs, and in 2020, all 133 graduates found employment.

"Iowa Law's Class of 2022 placement rate is one of the best of any law school in the country," says Dean Kevin Washburn. "In addition to the impressive number of students successfully placed, the quality of those jobs was very high, with 36 students winning prestigious judicial clerkships. In addition, over 28 of our graduates went to firms of 501+ attorneys, an impressive feat when one considers the closest office of a BigLaw firm is 100 miles away."

Each spring, the American Bar Association releases data on employment outcomes from the 197 accredited law schools. Nearly 78% of 2022 graduates found jobs that required bar passage within ten months of graduation. This percentage increased from 76% among the Class of 2021 and was higher than the Class of 2019, the most recent cohort to enter the job market before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iowa Law's student success in the job market is credited to the resources of a strong career services team and the school's overarching commitment to producing highly skilled and employable lawyers. As in previous years, the Class of 2022 found jobs across the legal spectrum, including federal clerks (5%), state clerks (17%), big law firms (21%), small law firms (16%), government and public interest agencies (14%), and other law firms or legal-related roles (27%).

"The Career Services Office at Iowa Law is dedicated to working with students on an individual level," says Melissa Norman, director of career and student services. "We want to meet with every student to learn about their practice area interests, location preferences, and desired type of employer. We strive to provide customized services that fit each student's goals. This individualized service helps our students succeed not only in finding high-quality employment but finding employment across a variety of sectors."

Iowa Law's dedication to developing exceptional writing and communication skills has also contributed to the wide-ranging employment opportunities available to its graduates. From on-campus interviews to personalized assistance with writing samples, résumés, and cover letters, students can access a wealth of valuable resources throughout their law school career.

"Our commitment to writing and our skill set in that key area makes us unique among law schools. The result is that our graduates stand out to prospective employers," says Washburn.

As employers consistently prioritize superior communication and writing proficiency as critical assets in new and existing employees, Iowa Law remains steadfast in its commitment to providing each student with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their future careers.

The Class of 2022 also saw success in securing employment opportunities across a diverse range of geographic locations. Graduates found jobs in 26 different states, with Iowa ranking as the largest state employer (64 students), followed by Minnesota (16 students) and Illinois (13 students). Additionally, five students secured employment internationally, a testament to the global relevance of the skills honed at Iowa Law.


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