This distinguished honors society recognizes students for their commitment to serving others and cultivating the skills and values essential for a life of public service.
Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Thirty-two Iowa Law students have qualified as members of the Pro Bono Society for spring 2023.

These individuals, consisting of both current students and recent graduates, have earned a place on the distinguished honors society list through their dedicated commitment to serving others and cultivating the skills and values essential for a life of public service.

These spring 2023 members were recognized at an event this fall featuring remarks by American Bar Association (ABA) president Mary Smith.

Pro Bono Society event 2023
PBS members in attendance of the event at the Boyd Law Building, featuring ABA president Mary Smith. 

Membership in the Pro Bono Society is earned on a semester basis, underscoring the significance of public service and volunteerism. It also acts as a means to support law students in their pursuit of the Boyd Service Award, which recognizes outstanding service throughout a student's academic career.

The Pro Bono Society was established by the Iowa Student Bar Association and is managed wish assistance from Iowa Law’s Citizen Lawyer Program. It recognizes students who have dedicated a minimum of 15 hours to service, with at least 7.5 hours devoted to the community.

Many students complete these hours through structured, law-related Pro Bono Projects coordinated by the Citizen Lawyer Program. Additionally, Pro Bono Society members must have attended at least one Lawyers and Leaders program organized by the Citizen Lawyer Program in a prior semester.

One of these dedicated students is Justin Rempe (2L), an undergraduate Human Rights Certificate holder, who has been actively volunteering through the Pro Bono Project with the Iowa Supreme Court's Access to Justice Commission.

“The time I have spent volunteering for the Iowa Supreme Court's Access to Justice Commission has been deeply enriching. It has given me opportunities to practice research, writing, and collaborative skills with like-minded individuals while working to create more equitable access to the legal system here in Iowa,” shared Rempe. 

Pro Bono Society member Catriona Barr (2L), who participated in a Pro Bono Project last year, said, "The Citizen Lawyer Program is so important to participate in, as it not only helps students make a habit of pro bono work before starting their careers, but also allows us to engage and invest in the community around Iowa City. Through my volunteer work, I have been able to narrow down my career interests and make valuable connections in those fields."


The Citizen Lawyer Program plays a pivotal role in supporting the Pro Bono Society and the Boyd Service Award by facilitating volunteerism and offering opportunities for pro bono work, community service, and programs on legal issues, skills, and values.

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