Jan Barnes

Admissions Coordinator

Jan Barnes began working at the law school in 1987 and moved to the Admissions Office in 1992. She oversees the processing of applicant files, which involves regular contact with applicants, Central Admissions Office, Law School Admissions Council, Faculty Admissions Committee members, and the Assistant Dean of Admissions. She maintains, organizes, and analyzes complex data on applicants and matriculants. She compiles student profile data for reports, questionnaires, and studies.

Jan supervises Admissions Office support staff and assists faculty and the Assistant Dean of Admissions with information on University policies and practices as they relate to admissions, which requires her to keep current on Admissions rules and regulations.

Areas of Expertise: Navigating the admissions process, Statistics on applicants and matriculants, Admissions rules and regulations.

AA, Kirkwood Community College, 1987