Marc Linder

Professor of Law

Immediately prior to joining the College of Law in 1992, where he specializes in Labor Law, Professor Linder represented migrant farm workers at Texas Rural Legal Aid for seven years. Before then, he pursued graduate studies at the universities at Göttingen and West Berlin and taught at Roskilde University Center in Denmark, the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, and the UI College of Law.

Writing extensively on labor in various countries and periods, his books include European Labor Aristocracies (Campus Verlag, 1985); The Supreme Court in Nazi Germany: A Jurisprudential Analysis (Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, 1987); and Migrant Workers and Minimum Wages: Regulating the Exploitation of Agricultural Labor in the United States (Westview Press, 1992).

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Practice and Teaching: 

  • Labor Law
Research areas
  • Labor and Employment Law
Boyd Law Building entrance
BA, University of Chicago, 1966
MA, Princeton University, 1971
PhD, Princeton University, 1973
JD, Harvard Law School, 1983