Most law schools support a policy of providing job search assistance to students and graduates of other law schools through reciprocity. This policy allows law schools to provide reasonable access to their career resources for law students and graduates from other law schools that agree to provide similar services.

Students and graduates of the Iowa Law School wishing to use the facilities of another law school should contact the Office of Career Services first. We can discuss with you where you might seek reciprocity and can generally tell you what services might be available at other schools. (Please note that most schools close reciprocity entirely from approximately August 1 until December 1.) We will then send a letter requesting reciprocity on your behalf. This is explained in more detail in our Reciprocity Handout.

Students and graduates of other law schools wishing to use the resources of The University of Iowa College of Law Office of Career Services should first contact their own Career Services Office. For more information, please see our Reciprocity Policy.