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Legal Writing

We have a reputation for producing gifted legal writers.
Law is a profession whose principal tool is language. The ability to use that language to craft concise, compelling legal writing is an essential skill—your clients’ livelihoods, freedom, even their lives depend on it.
This is why Iowa Law invests in a full-time writing faculty—and we’re one of the few top-tier law schools to do so. Through intensive, individualized attention, including 3–6 one-on-one conferences a semester, you’ll deepen your understanding of law and develop the tools to be an effective legal communicator. After your first year, you will complete four more writing units during your second and third year. When the time comes for your first job, you’ll have the writing prowess, the sharp intellect, and the analytical habits of mind that will set you apart in the market. 


Writing Faculty

Legal writing isn’t just another form of expository prose, and it matters who teaches it. That’s why we’ve invested in a full-time writing faculty, instead of using Teaching Assistants or adjuncts, to help you develop this essential skill. Our students say that Iowa’s reputation for producing great...