Alumni Events


Every fall, Iowa Law welcomes back alumni to reconnect and celebrate.  There are opportunities to visit classrooms, talk to our faculty, and tour our facilities and always a chance to tailgate and take in some Hawkeye football.  Whether you are five years out or 65 years, we hope you'll make plans to pay us a visit soon.

Back to Iowa

Back to Iowa began as a unique and special effort between African American alumni, BLSA and the University of Iowa College of Law to provide highly granular, real-life and real-time information to Iowa law students about the practice of law and the legal job market.  The BTI program was founded in 1996, by Tiffany M. Ferguson (1996), to educate students about the ups and downs of the practice of law as experienced by African American alumni. In subsequent years, due to the program's success and the continued commitment of African American alumni and the College of Law, the program has continued to be successful and to include alumni of other institutions.  This first meeting and all others since have been characterized by frank discussion between students, alumni, professors and deans.  Topics have included job opportunities in various markets, salary trajectories from early career through senior attorney and partnership positions, managing family and personal life, coursework experiences, challenges for attorneys due to gender and race and the importance of networking.  Several mentor relationships, friendships, and employment opportunities have naturally emerged from these sessions.  BTI has been lauded for its high-level of candor and commitment to diversity.  In addition to helping students, alumni have received the added bonus of reconnecting with each other.

Upcoming Events

Iowa Law's Alumni Relations office is always working on events that bring our alumni, friends, and students together.  From Fall cookouts at the Boyd Law Building to Summer happy hours around the nation, chances are good that we can get together soon.

Here's where to find us in the weeks and months to come:

Spring 2018

  • March 9-10, Chicago, Back to Iowa (BLSA Alumni, Students, & Friends), Friday at Holland & Knights, Saturday: TBA.

Summer 2018

  • May 21, Dean's Golf Cup Tournament, Norwalk, Iowa. Register here.

Past Events

The Dean and the Iowa Law team always enjoy the opportunity to get together with alumni near and far.  Here's where we've been the past few years.

  • Summer 2010: Des Moines, Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, New York City
  • Fall 2010: Des Moines (Polk County Bar), Tucson (pre-game tailgate), Phoenix, Cedar Rapids, Denver, Dubuque (Dubuque County Bar), Iowa City (Pre-game Cookouts, Law Reunions), Quad Cities, Sioux City (Woodbury County Bar)
  • Winter/Spring 2011: Burlington (Des Moines County Bar), San Francisco (AALS Meeting), Iowa City (Law Alumni Awards, Levitt Lecture, Dean's Cup Golf Event), Chicago (Back to Iowa), Tempe (Insight Bowl), Chicago (Happy Hour), Dubuque, Houston (Happy Hour), Mason City, Milwaukee, Omaha
  • Summer 2011: Des Moines (ISBA Annual Meeting Luncheon), New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Kansas City
  • Fall 2011: Iowa City (Pre-game Cookouts, Levitt Lecture, Baldus Tribute, Law Reunions)
  • Winter/Spring 2012: Washington DC (AALS Reception), Phoenix (Snell & Wilmer reception), Chicago (Alternative Spring Break Happy Hour), Cedar Rapids (Speaker at Linn County Bar Association), Iowa City (LGBT Students, Alumni, and Allies Reception), Chicago (BLSA Back to Iowa Event); Des Moines (Dean's Club Golf Event)
  • Summer 2012: Des Moines (ISBA Annual Meeting Luncheon), New York, Washington DC, Twin Cities (Summer, Happy Hour), Chicago (Summer, Soldier Field Happy Hour), Milwaukee, Kansas City, Iowa City (Pregame Cookouts, Levitt Lecture, Reunions), Waterloo, Mason City, Marshalltown, Omaha (Nebraska Bar Meeting)
  • Spring 2013: Black Law Student Association Back-to-Iowa in Chicago, Phoenix, Twin Cities CLE & Reception, Ninth Annual Dean's Cup in Iowa City, Kansas City
  • Summer 2013: Washington, D.C., Chicago, Des Moines (ISBA Annual Meeting Luncheon), Atlanta, GA, NYC, Des Moines happy hour, L.A., Cedar Rapids, Twin Cities, Denver, San Francisco
  • Fall 2013: Iowa City (Pre-game Cookouts, Law Reunions, Fall 2013 Back to Iowa), Omaha, Seattle, Twin Cities, Washington DC, Chicago, Des Moines (Tax School).
  • Spring 2014: Black Law Student Association Back-to-Iowa in Chicago; Spring Break receptions in Austin, TX, Chicago, Des Moines, San Diego; Seattle, Sioux City, Portland, Des Moines (Dean's Cup).
  • Summer 2014: Twin Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, NYC, DC, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Atlanta, Orange County, Omaha, Sioux City.
  • Fall 2014: Iowa City (Pre-game cookouts, Law Reunions), Omaha, Des Moines (Tax School)
  • Spring 2015: Iowa City (Iowa Law 150th Exhibit Opening), San Diego, Iowa City ILR Centennial, Iowa City Dean's Cup.
  • Summer 2015: Omaha, Chicago, NYC, DC, Twin Cities, Des Moines (ISBA Luncheon), Cedar Rapids, St. Louis, Denver, Kansas City, Des Moines.
  • Fall 2015: Iowa City (Pregame Cookouts, Levitt Lecture, Alumni Weekend/Reunions, Dean Summit, 150th Anniversary Gala), Omaha, DC, Sioux City.
  • Spring 2016: Iowa City (Levitt Lecture, Richards Lecture), Chicago (Back to Iowa), Southern California (Rose Bowl Events), Des Moines (Dean's Cup).
  • Summer 2016: Dallas, Des Moines (ISBA Luncheon, Post-bar Happy Hour), Culver City.
  • Fall 2016: Iowa City (Pregame Cookouts, Two Levitt Lectures, Alumni Weekend/Reunions, CLEs, Diversity Reception, Law Alumni Awards), Washington DC, Des Moines (ISBA Tax School). 
  • Spring 2017: Iowa City (Richards Lecture), Chicago (Back to Iowa), Des Moines (Hawkeye Caucus), Iowa City (Dean's Cup).
  • Summer 2017: Des Moines (ISBA Annual Meeting Luncheon, Young Lawyers Division Tailgate, post-bar happy hour), Claremont and San Diego, California happy hours.
  • Fall 2017: Iowa City (Pregame Cookouts, Alumni Weekend/Reunions, CLEs, Diversity Reception, Law Alumni Awards), Twin Cities, Chicago, Des Moines.
  • Spring 2018: San Diego, London UK.