Iowa Law alums tell us how they went from working well together to wedding bells.
Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In addition to educating the next generation of lawyers, Iowa Law has played cupid from time to time, helping students find love amidst the rigors of law school. 

Students come to Iowa Law with the expectation of earning a top-notch law degrees but don't always expect to find their perfect match or best friend. Through classroom interactions as 1Ls to attending the same study groups or working on a grueling case in the Legal Clinic, lasting relationships are formed. 

We convinced a few Iowa Law couples to share their love story and advice for others. 

Kameron Reed and Will Dix

Kameron Reed and Will Dix, both third-year law students, crossed paths during their first semester of law school, sharing classes and attending the same study group. Becoming quick friends, the two began dating by the end of their first semester. Neither Will nor Kameron were looking for Love when they came to Iowa, but their chemistry was hard to deny.

3L's Kameron and Will cheering on the hawks on a warm day.
Kameron and Will cheering on the Hawks at a law school cookout.

“The more time we spent with each other, though, the clearer it was that there was something serious there we couldn't pass by. Fortunately, being involved in similar activities and having the similar life goals made it much more natural to balance the load of law school while still having time for our relationship,” said Kameron. 

During their 1L summer, the couple stayed near each other, both working for firms in Des Moines. During their 2L summer, they applied for and received an offer at the same Milwaukee firm, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren. After graduation they plan to move back to Milwaukee, with Will joining the firm's corporate department while Kameron will be clerking for Iowa Alum, Federal Magistrate Judge Duffin before returning to the firm.

The couple recently became engaged in December while decorating their Christmas tree. “We have been so blessed in the ways our paths aligned—bringing us both to Iowa Law at the same time and allowing our career goals to align so nicely. We knew we were serious about each other for quite a while, but early this fall Will picked out a ring.” 

Although Will and Kameron came to Iowa Law looking to focus on academics, the two found each other. Kameron shares some advice saying, “It's hard to think of advice for specifically "looking for Love at Iowa Law" because we weren't looking, and I think the best things are the ones that happen that you could never plan for. Iowa Law is, however, a great place to find like-minded individuals with similar goals.”

Corey Stone and Anahita Sotoohi

Corey Stone and Anahita Sotoohi (18JD) first crossed paths at a bar review event during their first year of law school and quickly

Corey and Anahita at law prom in 2016
Corey and Anahita at Law School Prom in 2016.

 bonded over their shared interest for public interest law. They began dating soon after, but Corey recalls the first time he set eyes on Anahita.

“I remember the first time I saw Anahita. It was our first semester. She was standing on one of the large concrete "railings" outside of Boyd (the one on your left as you enter).” 

During their third year in law school, they became engaged. Since marrying, they have moved from Iowa to Colorado and are now settled in Maine where Anahita works for the ACLU. 

When asked what advice they would give to others looking for love at Iowa Law, the couple responded, “Our advice to finding love is similar to our advice for practicing law, you'll have the most success at your most authentic.”

Meghan and Sean O’Callaghan

Meghan and Sean O’Callaghan (05JD) met during their first week of law school when they were placed in the same small section. They had a lot in common as they were neighbors, played on their small section’s flag football team, and had identical class schedules that allowed them to study together at the library, leading them to develop a relationship. 

“Although Sean preferred studying silently and I liked more collaborative studying, we learned we worked well together. Eventually our study arrangement turned into a friendship which turned into a relationship,” said Meghan. 

Alums Megan and Sean O'Connor pose with their two children outside a ornate wooden door.

Throughout law school, they continued their relationship, working together, writing for the law review, and participating on the same moot court team. Upon graduation, they studied for and passed the Illinois bar exam. 

“After law school, we studied for the Illinois bar exam. I will never know if I would have passed without Sean’s instance on reviewing flashcards every moment of every day leading up to the exam,” said Meghan. 

Post-graduation, they pursued different legal paths but remained connected through their shared passion for law, discussing law daily. “To many, that is too much law; for us, it works. We like being able to talk through arguments or legal theories. And we continue to be a good legal team,” said Meghan. 

Currently the couple reside in the Chicago area with their two children. “The only downside to having a two-lawyer household is that our kids are skilled negotiators and excellent at interpreting rules to suit their needs,” said Meghan.