The first year of the Iowa Law program offers the personal connection and attention you need to develop a strong intellectual foundation for legal thinking and writing. We boast a low student-faculty ratio and our professors take pride in having an open-door policy, and in modeling the kind of highly collaborative, rigorously professional behavior that prepares you to serve as counselor to your clients.

You’ll also get intensive, individualized instruction from our legal writing faculty—Iowa is one of the few law schools in the nation with a full-time faculty dedicated solely to your growth as a legal writer. 

Preparing for Law School

Congratulations on your decision to study law.  You are about to embark on an intellectually transformative endeavor that offers you a lifetime of personal and professional rewards.  In and out of the classroom, you will learn to think, analyze, speak, and write as an effective lawyer—talents that you can bring with you not only to the practice of law, but to a wide range of careers, including in government, business, and the nonprofit sector.  The capacities of an effective attorney are not easily obtained, but you will have them by the time you leave our doors.


Every August, Iowa Law welcomes its incoming students during Orientation.  Orientation takes place the week before classes begin and is a wonderful time to settle in to life at Iowa Law. Highlights include welcomes from the Iowa State Bar, an afternoon of service, and ample opportunities to get familiar with the Boyd Law Building and your classmates. 

Your First Year Classes

The classes that you will take during your first year at Iowa Law will focus on the doctrinal courses that every 1L student takes in the United States. This includes Contracts, Torts, and Property Law during the Fall semester, then Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Constitutional Law in the Spring. Students will also take Legal Analysis, Writing & Research during both semesters and will have the opportunity to take an elective course during the Spring. Iowa Law's model for the structure of the 1L courses groups common law classes, or the fields of law that have been developed historically by the courts, together for the first semester and legislative law classes, where all of the topics and fields of law have been developed primarily through laws, rules and regulations, together in the second semester. 

At Iowa Law, we have a reputation for producing very strong legal writers. Your Legal Analysis, Writing & Research courses provide intensive, individualized attention, including 3–6 one-on-one conferences each semester, you’ll deepen your understanding of law and develop the tools to be an effective legal communicator as you learn to apply the law to real-world legal problems.

More Information about Courses and Curriculum

Academic Achievement Program Details

The College's Academic Achievement Program ("AAP") helps students make the most of their potential through the development of the academic skills necessary to succeed in law school. AAP serves all law students, with a special emphasis on helping first-year students as they make the transition from successful undergraduate careers to the unique challenge of law study.  AAP coordinates programs on legal study skills and exam-taking as part of the First Year Core Series. In the spring semester, AAP convenes a voluntary small-group workshop series for first-year students.

Students may request individual appointments to discuss academic skills issues. AAP helps law students in such areas as class preparation, note-taking, outlining, time and stress management, exam preparation, and exam review strategies. In addition, AAP can refer students to campus and community resources when appropriate.

Students can make an appointment by e-mailing

A wide range of resources is available to Iowa law students through the College of Law Academic Resources Iowa Courses Online (ICON) site. Current Iowa law students can access reviews of law school guide books, academic skills tutorials, materials from live presentations, and more than 50 old law school exams.

To access the site, log into ICON and select “ongoing” from the drop-down semester list.

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