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Cases and Materials on American Property Law

Professor Kurtz recently published a new edition of his casebook Cases and Materials on American Property Law, with Herbert Hovenkamp, Carol Necole Brown, and Christopher K. Odinet.

From the publisher’s website:

This casebook provides a traditional approach to property law. The opening chapter, which focuses on the law of personal property, includes cases designed to hone a student's skill in close case analysis, while later chapters, involving real property, are geared toward helping students understand the nuances of property law’s public and private aspects. The book in its entirety introduces students to a broad spectrum of material traditionally covered in a first-year property course and constructs a foundation for upper-level courses like trusts and estates, real estate finance, mortgages, land-use planning and zoning, secured transactions, and others. The 7th edition features new cases in almost every chapter and expanded discussions involving the financing of property transactions, servitudes, and Fifth Amendment takings. It also includes refreshed charts and tables. The notes and comments have been appropriately updated to include recent trends, cases, and novel issues.

More information is available on the West Academic website.

Sheldon F. Kurtz, Herbert Hovenkamp, Carol Necole Brown & Christopher K. Odinet, Cases and Materials on American Property Law (7th ed. 2019).

For more publications by Professor Kurtz, visit his faculty bibliography page.

Sheldon Kurtz