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College of Law Directory of People
Name Title Email Phone Profile
Kevin Washburn N. William Hines Dean and Professor of Law View Profile
Patricia Nassif Acton Clinical Professor of Law Emerita 319-335-9044 View Profile
The Honorable Joelle Adda Visiting Professor of Law View Profile
Gail B. Agrawal Dean Emerita and F. Wendell Miller Professor of Law 319-384-4658 View Profile
Celesta Albonetti Professor of Sociology & ZTA, College of Law View Profile
John S. Allen Herschel G. Langdon Clinical Professor of Law 319-335-9130 View Profile
Michaël Amado Adjunct Faculty Member, Arcachon Summer Program View Profile
Eric G. Andersen Professor of Law Emeritus 319-335-9090 View Profile
Dawn Barker Anderson Professor of Legal Analysis, Writing & Research 319-384-2811 View Profile
The Honorable David Baker Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Michael Bandstra Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Jan Barnes Admissions Coordinator 319-335-9313 View Profile
Josephine Bathke Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Patrick B. Bauer Professor of Law 319-335-9014 View Profile
Sean R. Berry Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Amy Best Director of Admissions 319-335-9753 View Profile
Amanda Bibb Administrative Services Supervisor 319-353-4420 View Profile
Christina Bohannan Professor, Lauridsen Family Fellow in Law, and Director of Master of Studies in Law program 319-335-8337 View Profile
Arthur E. Bonfield Allan D. Vestal Chair and Associate Dean Emeritus 319-335-9020 View Profile
Lloyd Bonfield Visiting Professor of Law View Profile
Willard L. Boyd Rawlings-Miller Professor of Law and President Emeritus View Profile
Steven J. Burton John F. Murray Professor Emeritus View Profile
William G. Buss O.K. Patton Professor Emeritus 319-335-9025 View Profile
Collins Byrd Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management 319-335-9095 View Profile
Patricia A. Cain Aliber Family Chair Emerita View Profile
Jonathan C. Carlson Professor of Law & International Studies and Victor and Carol Alvarez Fellow in Law 319-335-9026 View Profile
Enrique Carrasco Retired Professor of Law 319-335-9034 View Profile
Michelle Christensen Administrative Secretary 319-335-9034 View Profile
Sara K. Clark Administrative Services Coordinator 319-335-9082 View Profile
Matthew J. Cole Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Kirk Corey Director of Information Technology View Profile
Lois K. Cox Clinical Professor of Law Emerita 319-335-9062 View Profile
Carin Crain Associate Dean of Student Affairs 319-335-9648 View Profile
Charles Damschen Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Marcella David Visiting Professor of Law View Profile
Jill De Young Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff 319-335-9028 View Profile
Peter Deegan Adjunct Faculty Member View Profile
Diana DeWalle Faculty Secretary 319-335-9036 View Profile
Mihailis Diamantis Associate Professor of Law 319-335-9105 View Profile
Jessica Diers Financial Aid Counselor 319-335-9142 View Profile
Brenda Dodge Human Resources Director 319-335-9081 View Profile
Christopher R. Drahozal Visiting Professor of Law and John M. Rounds Professor of Law, University of Kansas School of Law 319-335-9034 View Profile
Mishelle Eckland Administrative Assistant 319-335-9084 View Profile
Stella Burch Elias Professor and Chancellor William Gardiner Hammond Fellow in Law 319-335-9047 View Profile
Abe Endecott Bookstore Manager 3193359053 View Profile
Ann Laquer Estin Associate Dean for Faculty and Aliber Family Chair in Law 319-335-6850 View Profile
Dromi J. Etsey Director, Global Community Engagement 319-335-6162 View Profile
Brian Farrell Lecturer in Law, Director, Citizen Lawyer Program and Associate Director, Center for Human Rights 319-335-8273 View Profile
AJ Finch Career Advisor 319-384-3199 View Profile
Daria Fisher Page Clinical Associate Professor of Law 319-335-9044 View Profile